• Residential care in Pontefract
Residential care in Pontefract

Joe Success Story

Joe has lived in residential care for many years but has been a part of Just Homes Care for the past five years, living in a care home with five other individuals.

Joe is a middle-aged gentleman, diagnosed with autism and a learning disability. He is unable to speak and makes noises and pointing to communicate his wants and needs. Joe needs routine and struggles with any change, this can result in Joe displaying challenging behaviour at times.

Staff have worked together with him, his family and a team of professionals including an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and his social worker to build a plan of care that meets his needs. Joe has always struggled with his personal care, especially getting in the shower and changing his clothes and so a plan was devised to support him daily to overcome these issues. With small steps over a period of time and support from staff and those around him, Joe is now able to shower and change his clothes daily, understanding the importance of having good personal hygiene and no longer struggling on a daily basis. Staff have also developed their communication with Joe, using picture boards, pointing and signs that allow Joe to get his point across and make sure staff are aware of his needs.

Joe is very active and a social guy, he enjoys going out in the community, going bowling, horse riding and he is a fantastic swimmer. He enjoys the continuity of care in a residential setting, with a regular team of staff, many whom have worked with Joe for years. He has his own key worker that has been assigned to him and knows him very well. Joe is a happy gentleman always smiling and wanting to help others, and so, for us, this makes him a success story!