Linda Success Story

Linda had lived with her grandmother for many years and they helped each other. Just Homes Care started to support Linda in 2015. Linda received 30 hours per week to support her with personal care and to support her out and about in the community enjoying the things that she loved to do. Linda would often struggle to be motivated and wouldn’t get out of bed. She needed a lot of encouragement with her personal care and changing her clothes.

In Feb 2017, her grandmother’s health deteriorated and Linda needed to find somewhere else to live. Linda decided to move into one of Just Homes Care supported living units where she already knew the other tenants and staff from attending day opportunities, this helped make the transition less stressful for Linda. Linda now enjoys sharing a house with two other young people, she has around the clock care, at times she receives shared care with the other tenants and also receives 1-1 care at times that suit her and when she most needs it.

Linda is a very quiet and shy young woman. She struggles with her communication and this can lead to trust and relationship issues. She needs to have consistency in staff and support workers who are familiar to her which Just Homes Care are able to provide.

Linda has grown in confidence and now loves going out and buying new clothes and having her hair done, she is now very proud of her appearance. She has built a weekly plan of activities together with staff where she now has a varied social life where she goes swimming, bowling, out for meals, day trips, one of the first up to dance at disco’s!