Mark Success Story

Mark is a quiet autistic young man who had lived in a residential home for adults with learning disabilities for a couple of years. He decided that he would prefer to live more independently but still in a shared house and so in December 2016, Mark moved into a Just Homes Care supported living home. Just Homes Care worked closely with him, his mum and the residential home to make the transition as comfortable as possible for him. He was able to visit  several times over a planned period of time where he met with the other tenants and staff, stayed for tea, visited for the afternoon where he was able to become more familiar with his new surroundings. He chose how he wanted his room, was able to decorate and decided what furniture he wanted to make him feel more comfortable and more at home.

Mark chooses to have his support staff at the times when he most needs and wants them, sometimes this is to support him with his personal care or at meal times, as well as supporting him to go out in the community to engage in the activities he wants to take part in.

Mark did find the transition difficult at first and often finds everyday living tasks a challenge. His team of staff encouraged him with his routine and gave him structure, something which allowed Mark to slowly take responsibility for his own personal hygiene and appearance, becoming much more independent.

Before moving into his new home, Mark had very little involvement in choosing his own menu or getting involved with food preparation and cooking. He now enjoys preparing his own meals and likes to peel and chop vegetables, he especially likes to make his own pizzas, choosing his own toppings, his favourite is ham and mushroom with onions and peppers!

With support he has embraced the move into his new home with all it has to offer, and he has grown in confidence. He now goes out a lot more than he used to – he has started going swimming and has started attending “love2meetu” events to meet that special person.

Mark’s new-found confidence and exciting social life is a success story, we are very proud to have supported him along his journey and can’t wait to see what great things are to come for him in the future!