Tracy Success Story

Tracy is a young woman who lived independently in Wakefield with her pet cat. However, in December 2014, she was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia secondary to influenza and severe critical illness neuropathy with a hypoxic brain injury, this all resulted in Tracy having disabilities. Now, Tracy is unable to speak and uses her wheelchair for her mobility.

Tracy needed to stay in hospital for a year but when she was ready to leave her previous home was no longer suitable and so she needed to find somewhere else to live. At a best interest meeting it was decided that she would move into a suitable vacancy with Just Homes Care.

When Tracy first moved into her tenancy she was very depressed and found it difficult to engage. She never wanted to go out or do anything with others. Over time this changed, she now smiles, laughs and engages with others. She nods and shakes her head to allow staff and others to know her wants and needs. Staff have developed a way to communicate with Tracy by asking closed questions and giving her options to choose for herself. She now uses an assisted technology devise, allowing her to operate her TV, play DVDs and turn the lights on and off, giving her more independence and freedom. Tracy enjoys being with other tenants and spends lots of time with them, she recently had a birthday, inviting all of her friends to a party. Tracy also recently purchased a mobility car and has been enjoying getting out and about in the community, buying new clothes, going shopping, going to the cinema and on exciting days out.

Although Tracy has a complex disability, she is not letting this define her and her confidence and enjoyment in life is inspiring. Tracy is definitely a success story!